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Employer Testimonials


Using the EDI from Sork HC, we have gone from having very high level ‘exit interviews’ to having targeted exit conversations with both the Employee and Manager. Thanks to the EDI, we are able to pinpoint which parts of the employee experience were ‘pushing’ the employee away and use this information to constantly work on improving these areas.


Dean Carpenter
HR Manager



The EAI from Sork HC has dramatically improved the way that we on-board our new employees! The organisation’s performance in on-boarding a new employee is just as important as the employee’s performance in their new role. The EAI has allowed us to measure the organisation’s performance for the first time and implement changes to help both the new employee and future new starters bond with the business.


Dean Carpenter
HR Manager



“We have engaged SORK HC for several years to provide metrics on employee attachment during new employees’ first 120 days of employment with our Agency. We have found the data invaluable in taking action to facilitate high levels of engagement during this critical attachment period. It is a pleasure to work with Anthony, Silina and Shiraz and they are highly professional and knowledgeable in this field.”


Heather Tooth
Manager, People & Recruitment
Caritas Australia



The RAS of NSW has been partnering with SorkHC for a number of years now on the delivery of their Employment Attachment Inventory. What a revelation this tool has been. Our Managers now seek out the results because they find them so helpful and informative in the onboarding of their new team members. We’ve tracked our results since we implemented the EAI into our onboarding program and our results continue to improve as Line Managers come to realise the important role they play in influencing longevity. This is an important partnership that delivers real value to the organisation. AND the support and guidance we receive from Selina and Shiraz is invaluable and helps us deliver a very high quality program for the RAS.


Rebecca Barry
General Manager, Human Resources
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW



Since we introduced the EAI, managers across our entire business are better equipped to have effective discussions with their new team members. Our new employees value the opportunity to provide feedback in a safe environment, to connect with their manager and make significant contributions in their new job.


David Hatton
Learning & Development Manager
Global FMCG



“The EAI is one of the most practical, affordable and user friendly business tools in the market today. The implementation of this tool was simple and immediate.


Through our HR business partners we have supported our managers and supervisors to be aware of and familiar with using the reports. We are receiving great feedback and gratitude for providing a business tool that really makes an impact both for the employee and for the manager.


As there is no software or system integration, the implementation was seamless and accessible to every manager immediately. This has become a key and essential business tool for us and I highly recommend it to organisations of all sizes.”


Dr Muyesser Durur
Executive Director People & Culture
La Trobe University



“Once we knew our recruitment practices were of a high standard, we knew any problems lay in new employee attachment. By building awareness in our managers of the true costs associated with recruitment and on-boarding we have helped them to regard this as an investment that needs to be managed. Not only have we reduced the new hire attrition that was occurring in the first 18 months but we are also getting a faster and higher rate of contribution from date of commencement. Measuring and managing employee attachment is critical to empowering our managers and ensuring the organisation maximises the satisfaction and contribution of all of our new employees.”


Lucy Bettinson
Talent Acquisition Manager
Fairfax Media



“We have been using the EAI product from Sork HC for approximately 18 months now and it has substantially enhanced our onboarding process for new employees. Managers and new employees alike appreciate receiving the user-friendly report to help facilitate further discussion, which also ensures a positive and successful attachment to our organisation.


Sork HC are a pleasure to work with, extremely organised and friendly and represent the true meaning of business partnering. We look forward to continuing our working relationship.”


Sebreena Cronin
Talent Acquisition & Development Manager, ANZ



“I have had a client relationship with SorkHC for many years now and have used their Attachment (EAI) and Detachment (EDI) reports over the last 3 years. These reports have added real value to the business conversations managers are having during the critical attachment period; human resources conversations at exit interviews are now more focussed, not to mention adding valuable quantitative detail to enable the organisation to focus our people practices.”


Trish O’Neill
Global Lead – People & Development
The Fred Hollows Foundation



Sanofi has partnered with SORK to build a culture of collaboration and accountability by investing in the development of our employees. We are committed to providing all new employees with a positive onboarding experience and one way to measure attachment is through the SORK EAI tool.

We value open and honest feedback and have incorporated the EDI as part of our exit process to gain value insights from employees leaving our business.


Liz Spalding
HR Manager



Employee Testimonials


“I think it is great that the company wants to ask me about my on-boarding. It actually helped me to think about all the good stuff that had happened so far.”





“I was initially a bit sceptical about what the report could tell me and how the organisation would use the information. I am a complete convert. The information is priceless and allows me to have targeted conversations with my new guys coming on-board to ensure I have addressed all the key perception issues in order to have them fully Attached to the organisation.”





“We use the EAI as a differentiator at the start of our relationships with clients. Most recruitment businesses say they do the same thing; we all say we deliver quality service. The EAI is one way for us to demonstrate this.”


Recruitment Industry



“So often I have thought I knew what they were thinking and have been wrong. This tool takes the guess work out of it and lets me address the real issues.”


Mortgage Broker



“The survey was easy to use and didn’t take much time to complete. I felt like I was helping the organisation to learn from my experience.”


Digital Media

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