Using world leading Employee Perception measurement and reporting, we support our clients to unlock the full potential of their workforce across the employee lifecycle stages of Attachment, Connection and Detachment.

The Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI) is a patented instrument that measures the strength of bond a new employee forms to the organisation during their on-boarding phase (first 120 days).
The Employee Connection Inventory (ECI) measures the strength of your current employees emotional connection to your organisation.
The Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI) assesses the relative Connection and Detachment forces leading to an employee’s decision to leave your organisation.


shcBOND is a unique employee perception measurement survey and reporting and platform. shcBOND is owned and distributed by Sork HC (established in 2007).The shcBOND platform is home to our three Employee Perception Measurement Instruments including the Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI), Employee Connection Inventory (ECI) and Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI). 

shcBOND provides Managers and HR Professionals with consultative individual and trend reports based on the psychological phenomenon of Employee Attachment and Detachment. shcBOND is underpinned by an internationally patented methodology and is delivered through a professional, user-friendly web interface accessible to HR Teams via a login and password.

Our partnership approach and dedication to service excellence has seen us work and continue to work with a multitude of organisations across all sectors including finance, banking, telecommunications, insurance, not for profit, construction, defence, recruitment, education, associations and membership, pharmaceutical, medical device, manufacturing, local, state and federal government agencies. These organisations all share a common commitment to develop their leaders to build a culture of excellence that values their people across the entire employee lifecycle.

What Our Clients Say

“Retaining key talent is a priority for our organisation and the Employee Connection Inventory provides a leading indicator to identify employees at risk of becoming dissatisfied and gives managers an opportunity to intervene before a decision to leave the organisation is made”

DEON RADEMEYER Leading Team Performance Practitioner

"The Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI) measurement from shcBOND has been invaluable in providing Hologic with detailed insights into our employees’ Attachment levels during their crucial onboarding attachment phase, helping us to optimize our onboarding strategies to strengthen our employee engagement. Selina is always professional and is an expert in understanding employee attachment dynamics."

TANYA LUPICA Human Resources Business Partner
Hologic, Inc.

“While HR Director at Philips and more recently at Kantar, I have extensively implemented the Attachment, Connection and Detachment measurements and would highly recommend these tools. The EAI, ECI and EDI supported meaningful and targeted individual conversations; while the Trend Reporting provided me with data to unpack and present to the SLT the underlying reasons for people staying and or leaving.”


“We have partnered with shcBOND for over 12 years, and we are proud to provide the Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI) to our clients for every permanent placement we make. We love the EAI because we want to support our clients to ensure better retention and performance of the talent we place. We also use the EAI internally at Beaumont People to help us really understand the perceptions of our new employees and achieve high levels of retention and performance of our new members.”

NIKKI BEAUMONT Managing Director
Beaumont People

“By using the Employee Attachment Inventory, we have had an enhanced understanding of the impact of our front-line leaders on the individual bond of each employee, while also allowing us through trend reporting, to be able to measure and understand the status of team climates and wider organisational culture. The Employee Attachment Inventory has supported the Fred Hollows Foundation to achieve increased levels of retention and performance contribution of employees across our workforce.”

JENNIFER BELL People & Organisational Development Director
The Fred Hollows Foundation

“Measuring Connection across our entire business provided our managers with valuable insights that promoted one on one meaningful connection conversations with each of their direct reports. The Trend Reporting data provided our SLT with a clear understanding of what we needed to prioritise and implement as an organisation to support our managers and our entire workforce. For a deeper understanding of current and changing employee perceptions impacting talent risk effort and performance, I would highly recommend using the Employee Connection Inventory (ECI).”

ENZO COTRONEO Managing Director
Head of Securities Services | Australia & New Zealand
HSBC Securities Services | HSBC Bank Australia Limited

"I have implemented the Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI) for over 10 years in various People roles in a number of organisations.  The EAI is a critical component to our long-term retention, success, and performance of our new hires.  It provides valuable feedback for us about the onboarding experience of each new hire. The EAI Feedback Report provides our line managers with questions they can ask each new hire to help address any gaps that have been missed during the first 90 days and before it becomes an issue. Additionally, the EAI trend reporting supports our efforts in continuous improvement and enhancing the employee experience. I highly recommend the implementation of the EAI."

REBECCA BARRY Global Director, People & Culture (APAC)
ASM Global

“At PPD Search, we have been working with shcBOND for the last 15 years and are passionate about the tools they provide that enhance our clients on-boarding process.  We work with our clients on retention strategies as this seems to be a major pain point for senior leaders and we know that people who are attached and connected to a business stay long-term.  We find that the Employee Attachment Inventory, (EAI), is key in the employee lifecycle in relation to ensuring the people we place with our clients, are attached to their new employer and their hiring manager.  The EAI is the major contributing factor in us doing this through measuring the new employee’s perceptions at their 90th day of employment and reporting back any potential issues to be addressed.  Working with Selina and Anthony is a privilege.  Their expertise, professionalism and responsiveness means we are able to differentiate our business through this incredible value-add tool that makes a tremendous difference to us being seen as a true recruitment partner that cares about our clients business beyond just placing people.  I can’t recommend Selina, Anthony and their business shcBOND enough and look forward to our ongoing partnership with them.”

ELIZABETH PETTIT Human Resources Business Partner
Pettit Pharma & Device Search Pty Ltd

"Mission Australia values our people, and we seek to provide our New Starters with the very best experience when joining us. The Employee attachment inventory has been a simple but effective tool to help us achieve this. We have consistently seen a very high response rate with our new starters appreciating the opportunity to have a voice about their experiences. The simplicity of the report has helped our People Leaders understand the details and led them to have quality conversations with their new starters building plans to improve attachment and engagement into the future. The reporting tools available help to showcase the data and provide Senior Leaders segmented valuable information on their business. Selina has been an exceptional partner through launch and delivery. She is responsive to questions and open to facilitate learning opportunities to ensure people can make the most of the inventory. Thank you for the support you have provided Mission Australia"

KATH POWER General Manager Resourcing and HR Services
Mission Australia

"We have found the Employee Attachment Inventory and Employee Detachment Inventory invaluable and something we believe is vital to our employee engagement and organisational improvement. It helps with hard conversations and identifies issues early which we can navigate with our employees new and departing. Every organisation should have this tool if employees matter. As CEO this has been one of the best tools I have found to help build a strong organisation and its people."

Australian Network on Disability

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