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Our organisation the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) was introduced to EAI from shcBOND via an industry colleague.
We are so pleased to have this product that allows us to reconnect at a crucial time with our new people. We really value the objectivity that comes with new team members and have gained a tremendous amount of insight from the attachment survey.

We strive at BCEC to create a working environment that we want our people to treasure. As a business where people are key to our success, the introduction to our organisation is so crucial. This simply has to be right. EAI has provided us with vital information to ensure our new people are welcomed warmly and feel at home quickly. We have taken the messages from our new people via EAI and implemented change in a number of our Onboarding and Induction processes. The best bit, we now know what our new team members want and not what we think they want! This product is good and so are the people who administer and manage EAI.


Ruta Berzkalns
Human Resources Manager
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre



Using the EDI from Sork HC, we have gone from having very high level ‘exit interviews’ to having targeted exit conversations with both the Employee and Manager. Thanks to the EDI, we are able to pinpoint which parts of the employee experience were ‘pushing’ the employee away and use this information to constantly work on improving these areas.


Dean Carpenter
HR Manager



The EAI from Sork HC has dramatically improved the way that we on-board our new employees! The organisation’s performance in on-boarding a new employee is just as important as the employee’s performance in their new role. The EAI has allowed us to measure the organisation’s performance for the first time and implement changes to help both the new employee and future new starters bond with the business.


Dean Carpenter
HR Manager



Since we introduced the EAI, managers across our entire business are better equipped to have effective discussions with their new team members. Our new employees value the opportunity to provide feedback in a safe environment, to connect with their manager and make significant contributions in their new job.


David Hatton
Learning & Development Manager
Global FMCG



“We have been using the EAI product from Sork HC for approximately 18 months now and it has substantially enhanced our onboarding process for new employees. Managers and new employees alike appreciate receiving the user-friendly report to help facilitate further discussion, which also ensures a positive and successful attachment to our organisation.


Sork HC are a pleasure to work with, extremely organised and friendly and represent the true meaning of business partnering. We look forward to continuing our working relationship.”


Sebreena Cronin
Talent Acquisition & Development Manager, ANZ



We have found the EAI tool to be invaluable for our new staff at the 90 day mark. It provides our Managers with a snapshot and talking point at their qualifying period 3-month review meeting of what their new staff are thinking and areas that may have been overlooked or need improvement, some that can be easily rectified resulting in reduced turnover. This tool also assists us with our strategic planning process through areas we are doing well, which can always be improved, and providing us with a focus for on areas for improvement.


Claire Molesworth
Strategic HR Officer
City of Ballarat

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