The EAI Survey & Report



The EAI consists of a Survey & Report.


The 90 Day Onboarding Survey


The Survey is emailed to the new employee on their 90th day of employment. There are 100 questions that require a response based on a 5 point rating scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The Survey is ipsative and provides a total score as a percentage of the total possible score. Normative scoring is not used as the purpose is not to compare one person’s data to another for the purpose of selection.


The EAI Feedback Report


EAI Feedback Report contains valuable insights into the perceptions the new employee has formed of the business, along with recommendations on how the Manager can improve the experience. Niggling issues in the early days can quickly become deal breakers if not detected and addressed quickly.


The EAI Feedback Report provides (a) an overall measure of Attachment based on the average of the 20 driver scores and (b) individual Attachment scores per driver (20 drivers in total). Benchmarking is also provided. The EAI Feedback Report is designed for self interpretation by the Manager. Managers are encouraged to read the full report on the first few occasions until they are familiar with the EAI tool – then they can skip directly to the drivers which require their focus.


The Driver scores are classified in eithera High, Moderate or Low Attachment range and fall within one of 6 bands. The total reporting combinations of the EAI is 20 to the power of 6. The EAI meets the standards for both reliability & validity of psychometric instruments.


Reliability (split-time reliability, internal consistency, split-half reliability, coefficient alpha)

Validity (content validity, face validity, criterion-related validity, construct validity)