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(1) Critical Attachment Period” (CAP)
(1) The “Critical Attachment Period” (CAP) When a new employee joins an organisation, they go through the “Critical Attachment Period” (CAP) during their first 120 days of employment. During this time, a two way assessment is taking place between the new employee and the organisation. Firstly, the organisation is assessing both the potential (future) contribution of the new employee, as well as their cultural fit. In other words, the organisation is determining whether they have made the right hiring decision. Secondly, the employee is actively assessing whether they’ve made the right choice i.e. how well they fit in, the degree to which the experience matches their expectations and whether they can visualise themselves being a productive member of the team in the long term. 
(2) The Direct Manager’s Influence/Impact
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(3) Core Attachment Perceptions
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(4) Key Response Behaviours
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