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The Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI) is an online Exit Survey & Report which measures the “Push” and “Pull” Drivers leading to an employee’s decision to resign from the organisation. The Exit Survey is completed during the notice period and the HR Manager will receive an EDI Feedback Report which they can use as a basis for conducting a targeted and personalised Exit Interview.
The EDI+ is an extended version of the EDI with the option to include the Manager in the feedback and reporting process, creating a Perception Gap Score. The EDI can be used as a stand-alone exit measure or in conjunction with your existing interview process.
The EDI can be used in 2 ways:
Option 1: Employee Survey (EDI)
This option is an ideal starting point for organisations wanting to automate their Exit Survey process. The Employee completes the survey and a report is generated with their feedback scores.
Option 2: Employee + Manager Survey (EDI+)
This option is ideal for organisations who want to maximise the value from their Exit Survey process. Manager’s are invited to complete a Survey which asks them to rate the 64 elements according to how they believe the Employee would rate each item. This results in a Perception Gap Score across each Driver, allowing the Manager to see how aligned their thoughts were to the actual experience of the departing employee. Where perception gaps are greater than 20%, Manager’s are encouraged to consider the perceptions of their departing team members to ensure alignment and reduce the risk of attrition for similar reasons to that of the departing employee.
Note: If a Manager does not complete their survey, the Report will be generated without their feedback (therefore automatically reverting to Option 1.)

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