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shcBOND is a unique employee perception measurement and reporting technology platform. shcBOND is owned and distributed by Sork HC across global markets. The shcBOND platform enables organisations to understand what their people are thinking, providing greater influence over how team members behave, perform and engage in the organisation.


shcBOND enables a significant shift in the ability of organisations to manage employee perceptions that impact retention and performance of talent.


shcBOND provides Manager’s and HR Professionals with consultative reports based on the psychological phenomenon of Employee Attachment and Detachment. Using leading survey distribution and reporting technology, shcBOND is underpinned by an internationally patented methodology and is delivered through a professional, user-friendly web interface.


Through our global network of distributors, accredited practitioners and the shcBOND platform, Sork HC is the world leading provider of a solution that increases retention and performance of an organisations most valuable assets.







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