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Q.1 What is Employee Attachment?

“Employee Attachment” refers to the strength of bond created between a new employee and the organisation within the first 120 days of employment. Attachment is the foundation for creating highly engaged individuals, teams and organisations.


Q.2 We already have a tool in place for measuring Employee Engagement. Why should we consider using the EAI?

Most of our clients already use other instruments for measuring Employee Engagement. The EAI does not measure Engagement; it measures Attachment – the strength of the bond upon which Engagement is built. We encourage our clients to use the EAI in conjunction with their existing Engagement metrics.


Q.3 Budget is an issue…

We understand the impact of budget restrictions on new initiatives. We also know that HR professionals are under increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI for each of their programs. From as little as $150AUD per person, the EAI is a cost effective tool which can save you upwards of $100k per new Employee by protecting your investment in recruitment and up skilling costs.


Q.4 We don’t do much recruitment and we don’t have any immediate plans to recruit.

That’s ok. We have a package to suit all business sizes and recruitment intakes – even if you’re only hiring 5-10 people a year. You have 12 months to make use of your credits; they don’t have to be used at the time of purchase.


Q.5 We don’t have an issue with employee retention. Why should we use the EAI?

There are 2 key benefits in using the EAI. The first relates to managing the risk of attrition. The second relates to accelerating the time it takes for a new Employee to reach minimum performance and profit contribution. So if retention is not an issue in your business, you will still benefit by being able to tap into the discretionary effort and subsequent performance output from your new Employees.


Q.6 Is the EAI a valid business tool?

The EAI is a valid business tool that meets the standards for both reliability and validity of psychometric instruments.


• Reliability (split-time reliability, internal consistency, split-half reliability, coefficient alpha)

• Validity (content validity, face validity, criterion-related validity, construct validity)

Q.7 How many questions are in the Survey, what is the completion rate and how long does it take to complete?

The Survey contains 100 question statements. We have a 95% completion rate and it takes an average of 14.35 minutes to complete.


Q.8 Can I forward the Survey link to someone else to complete as well?

No. Each link is unique and cannot be transferred. The Survey can only be completed by the Employee it was ordered for.


Q.9 Can I have a copy of the Survey questions?

We can provide a sample of survey questions on request, but we are unable to release all questions due to copyright and patents.


Q.10 Can I see my employee’s Survey responses?

No. The Survey responses remain confidential throughout the process. The Report does not provide individual employee responses, however our “Observations” & “Recommendations” are based on the employee’s individual responses. This protects the privacy of your employee and encourages honest responses to each question.


Q.11 Does Sork HC see the responses?

As administrators of the tool, we do have access to individual responses, however our back end technology allows a Report to be generated without us physically having to review the responses.


Q.12 Are the questions aimed at me as a Manager?

The Survey contains 100 statements which are based on the new Employee’s perception of the organisation as a whole. Of this, 5 questions relate to the perceptions they have formed of you as their immediate manager.


Q.13 How honest are new Employees?

Our experience tells us that new Employees are in fact most honest at their 90th day of employment and are generally quite grateful that the organisation is seeking their feedback with regards to their on-boarding experience.


Q.14 Can the EAI be customised for our organisation?

No. Just like most psychometric instruments, the EAI is generic and has widespread applicability across multiple industries and workforces. Human beings are genetically and neurologically geared to form attachments with others – regardless of where they work. The EAI measures the strength of bond between new Employees and the Organisation which is based on core attachment perceptions of (a) security (b) trust & value (c) acceptance and (d) belonging.


Q.15 How have you positioned the EAI with Managers from your existing client base?

The EAI is positioned as a talent retention/performance enhancing tool which helps the Manager to pinpoint and address any concerns flagged within the Report. It’s important for Managers to be aware of such concerns so that they can have an opportunity to correct them. This is not a performance management tool for the Manager or the Employee.


Q.16 Do the Managers feel like we’re testing their performance as people leaders?

No. The EAI is not a test; it’s simply a mechanism for the organisation to collate objective data to improve their on-boarding process. All clients are provided with a robust communications plan which positions the tool appropriately for each stakeholder group.


Q.17 How much time is required by the HR department to implement this tool? My time is limited and I need each Manager to take responsibility for the process.

Implementing the EAI is designed to be fast and hassle free. We understand the time pressures of HR professionals and Managers. There are only 3 steps to implement the tool, and you’ll have a dedicated Sork HC Product Manager to help you at each point.


Q.18 What does the patent & copyright mean?

The EAI is protected by copyright and patent laws. This means that any information provided to you or your organisation by Sork HC relating to Employee Attachment and Employee Perception Measurement is done so on acceptance and agreement to be bound by these laws.


Q.19 How many complimentary trials can my organisation have?

We are generally happy to provide a complimentary trial of the EAI once you have met with a Sork HC Product Manager and we’ve established that the instrument is the right fit for your business. After the initial trial we can offer introductory rates to pilot the EAI with some of your Managers and new Employees.


Q.20 Where can we learn more about Employee Attachment?

Please join our blog and Employee Attachment LinkedIn Group which attracts HR professionals from around the world. We are committed to sharing our content on a regular basis and we encourage knowledge sharing amongst our members.

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